Zero Carbon Nuclear Fusion-Climate Change Killer?

nuclear fusion

The world’s most brightest scientist have been working on safe, clean and reliable energy for 60 years. If zero carbon nuclear fusion can be conquered, it would give future generations a nearly unlimited energy source.

Basic concept of zero carbon nuclear fusion

The basic theory is to force two atoms together making one – that’s where the energy is produced. Sounds simple right!

Why is fusion difficult?

The super high atomic energy needed to combine the atoms and create fusion energy is the hard part. Another is creating more output energy than what is produced.

I am not a nuclear fusion scientist, so if you want a more geeky explanation here click link!

What is the difference between fusion and fission?

Even though both are nuclear reactions they are very different.

Fusion: combines the atoms under extreme temperature and pressure and leaves a non-radioactive element helium.

Fission: splits one atom into two with a radioactive waste elements, but are said to be short lived!

Benefits of Nuclear Fusion

What makes nuclear fusion energy so promising is the zero-free carbon emissions and non-radioactive waste elements, unlike today’s fossil fuels/ fission reactors.

Also fusion creates 4 million more times the energy than fossil fuels, with an abundant energy sources of deuterium and tritium.

Projected Time Till Mass Adoption

It’s a big debate in time projection, until the world can gobble up this future energy source and ranges from 10 to 30 years.

Even though the advances seem small in the grand scheme of things, the benefits of finding a clean abundant energy source are tremendous.

China built an advanced superconducting reactor called the Tokamak, that reached 100 million degrees. That’s 6-times hotter than our sun!

As with any future technology, it will all depend on the money allocated for research and how committed governments are with nuclear fusion over other alternative green energy.