USAF Supercomputer Condor Cluster Built from PlayStation 3

USAF Supercomputer Condor

USAF Research Laboratory when asked by the Department of Defense, built a Supercomputer from game consoles. The experiment actual built the fastest supercomputer they had at the DOD!

USAF PS3 Supercomputer Spec’s

The Condor Cluster Supercomputer is built from 1760 PS3s, 168 GPUs, and 84 servers. This PS3 Supercomputer can perform 500 TeraFlops per second, that’s 500 million-whew!

But PS’3

Why did the DOD go with the PlayStation? To save up to 85% on cost and power consumption of a comparable system built from separate components. Their lab uses the Condor for artificial Intelligence, pattern recognition and image enhancement research. This system cost around 2 million and seemed to be a great investment.


Not sure if the Air force is still using all those PlayStation’s, but the idea was pretty ingenious don’t you think? Have a great day and thanks for joining us!