Conductive Fiber Technology – Smart Interactive Garments

Smart Interactive Clothing Technology - Conductive Threads

 Smart Clothing

Conductive fiber technology is a reality now. With all of the technology happening around us today, it was only time before our clothing got a makeover.

How are Smart Fibers Designed?

Flexible electronics for example sensors are woven into the fibers, which are made from a graphene based material very thin and then woven into traditional material.

Major Smart Fabric Patent Companys

Big players like Apple, Google and Samsung are stacking the patents on this new future market. Google could be the leader with these smart interactive garments.

Graphene has many great properties for smart garments for example it’s the strongest material tested,  can conducts heat/electricity very well, and is almost transparent to the naked eye.

What Can These Flexible Fibers Do Today?

Some examples today are clothing that can regulate your temperature. Smart Jackets doing many of your phone functions, great when for example riding a bike. Baby socks that keep track of heart rate and oxygen levels. My favorite are sneakers that track your fitness!

The Future of Conductive Fiber Technology

According to a  science news article, clothing of the future will heat up, change colors, pack tons of gadgetry and even diagnose illness/disease. I believe the future for this market will only be limited by the imaginations of the clothing makers design team.

What would you like your clothing to do, leave a comment below!