Smart Home Tech Available Now and On the way!

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Many new smart home technology options are already here, for example, light, temp, and security control. So let’s dive into this tech and some future innovations on the way for our family homes!

Smart Home Options Available Now

As the world gets more digital daily and cell phones being our go-to devices of choice, home innovation choices are emerging fast. The new device capabilities are also making my keyless entry door lock seem so old school! Here are just a few options to make our smart homes – smarter.

Smarter Home Options

  • Smart Cameras – Besides the obvious video, picture taking they can stream 24/7, go into night vision mode and alert you when someone is approaching. Some systems even have a noise-canceling talk and listen with facial recognition.
  • Smart Locks – Can alert you when the door is open, for how long and if been forced. Allows for multiple virtual keys for family members – lets you know when your teenagers got home. Even sense when your near and open lock for you automatically.
  • Smart Lighting – Ability to turn on when you come home or off when you leave with motion sensing. Some are voice-activated and can adjust to movies, music or gaming.
  • Smart TVs – My older version tv (smart) just connects to the internet, but now they have voice recognition and many apps. Makes sitting on your couch ordering dinner through Uber eats well easy!
  • Smart Thermostats – Besides from saving you up to 23% on your temperature bill, they can learn your home hours and turn off or down when away. You will also get a better energy use breakdown and control interface over dumb devices. q;-)
  • Smart Pet Care – Smart collars capable of GPS tracking, two-way communication, and even a virtual fence. Food and treat dispensers for automatic feeding. Something my dog needs an electronic doggy door that will open when near and lock when not!
  • Smart Speakers – The possibilities seem endless, from turning on music and mood lights to locking doors and setting temperature all by voice control.
  • With AI and IoT advances, these devices are getting smarter, can talk to each other and learn from our habits to be more efficient.

honey do list just got longer, but if it helps keep my kids from leaving all the lights on and me chasing behind them – I’m all for this tech revolution! Bring it on.


Future of Smart Home Ecosystems

More smart home gadgets are incorporating voice control to make our tasks easier. Emotional AI soon will be able to determine what mood we are in and adapt. Not sure if I’m comfortable with a computer telling me what I want to hear…

Home systems now can already detect a water leak and shut off before you get major damage. Electrical interfaces can detect a power surge and shutdown devices as needed. When will our refrigerators detect the need for more milk & eggs and order?

For sure in the near term with Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, our home devices will connect more and I see a time when they will control the whole house without much intervention. The smart home ecosystem will be able to see problems ahead and offer solutions or just call a technician/robot for you!

How do you think homes will change and will the innovation make our lives better? Please visit me on Twitter and get a conversation going!

Here is a great infographic by safeatlast about disruptive technologies taking over our homes!