Mad Science Planned for Detroit Metro Airport Summer 2020

Parallel Reality Technology Planned for DTW Summer 2020
Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

Say what, where did that come from? Just some fascinating sci-fi technology about to hit the mainstream real soon. The company is called MisappliedSciences is partnering with Delta Airlines to bring some new tech to Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport summer 2020.

What is this Futuristic Mind-Blowing Science?

Well, over a hundred people can view a single digital pixel display at the same time and see different personalized information. Now step back and think about that for a minute. Oh and no special glasses to wear!

This mind-twisting technology can also work on other devices like lights, displays and information signs to provide a tailored trip in your language – just amazing!


Many use cases for these super-pixels, like personalized directions, advertising, entertainment and even translation for foreign travelers. Last year gave us facial recognition in place of boarding passes, making the security process with TSA a little more seamless.

Not sure but thinking big data and artificial intelligence will go a long way to bring our future travel very personal. The future looks so bright no shades needed – feed your tech mind!

Can you think of places where this parallel reality™ pixel technology would do the world well, just let us know below? Really let’s get this conversation going.