Nikola Tesla, Death Ray, and Other Futuristic Inventions

Image by www_slon_pics from Pixabay

Nikola Tesla

One of the most famous inventors of all time, Nikola Tesla experimented in electrical & mechanical engineering. Many of the modern-day alternate current designs came from Nikola’s past experiments.

Tesla a serbo-croation, ethnic Serb born in what is today Croatia in the Austrian empire. His father Milutin Tesla an Orthodox priest and mother Georgina Duka Tesla shaped Nikola’s young mind. Georgina made many home tools, mechanical appliances, and had a photographic memory of Serbian poems all with no formal education.

Milutin wanted his son to follow his steps in the priesthood but realized that wasn’t to be and promised to send Tesla to the finest engineering school called Austrian Polytechnic Graz, Austria.

Nikola Tesla was said to never miss a lecture and made the highest grade possible in all classes. Because of his ability to perform integral calculus in his head, many teachers thought he was cheating somehow. Tesla contributed his mechanical and memorization ability to his mother!

Nikola Tesla, Death Ray, and Other Futuristic Inventions tesla coil

Many Inventions Used Today

Even though Tesla is most known for his Tesla Coil Transformer, he worked intensely on inventions he could patent. He made many observations/experiments with induction motors, discharge tubes, mechanical generators/oscillators, x-ray imaging, and steam-powered (electrical) generators.

I’m gonna call Tesla the first electron whisperer for sure! 😉

Tesla’s Futuristic Thoughts and Inventions

  • Death Ray called Teleforce – by electrostatic repulsion
  • Earthquake machine with his mechanical oscillator
  • A motor that could run on cosmic rays
  • Magnifying Transmitter – wireless power transfer
  • Thought Camera – read and photograph thoughts


Nikola Tesla had over 300 patents over his lifetime and many inventions just not patented. His ideas were futuristic and some way ahead of his time. I would even imagine some may have taken him as a madman for thoughts/concepts we could clearly see possible today!

If Tesla was born 100 years later say 1960’s and hitting his stride now – what would he be working on? I love to learn and ready about technology changing how we live life and hopefully making the future better ever.

*Bonus Tesla Invention

During the 1898 Electrical Exhibition held at Madison Square Gardens Tesla amazed the crowd with a remote-controlled boat. Many thought Nikola was using magic or trickery, radio waves were never heard of by the masses. Was this the grandfather to the torpedo or even drones today, some think so!

Tesla himself thought of a more peaceful robot purpose like doing labor to benefit mankind. Nikola Tesla had so many inventions not even patented it makes my head spin. This short post just touches the surface and glad you could stay around to the end!