Microchipping Humans – Pro’s and Con’s

Microchipping Humans and a Cashless Society
microchip RFID the size of rice

What is a microchip implant?

A microchip implant is an identifying integrated circuit chip placed under the skin. The chip is about the size of a large grain of rice and uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. This is passive technology that needs no source of power and can only be read when close enough. RFID chips in pets have been used for permanent identification for many years!

Professor Kevin Warwick in 1998 became the first known human to implant a microchip, the adoption has been slow!

Pro’s of Microchipping Humans

Many applications are already available from medical to security with human microchips. Any application used with an id card can already be done with an implanted hand chip.

Sweden seems to be the leader in human RFID implants with a company called Biohax leading the way with over 4000 citizens adopting this technology! Would you do it?

Benefits of MicroChips:

  • Identification – Know who you say you are
  • Medical history – Life-saving information to medical experts
  • Security – access to any area with just the swipe of a hand
  • IoT – applications with human RFID
  • Faster lines – at airports and other stores
  • Future inventions – yet to be invented like GPS ability!
  • Gun Safety – Close proximity to the owner

Con’s of Microchipping Humans

The world adoption up till now has been slow and for very good reasons. With every technology, there are actors that like to do very bad things. But we must move on with technology as the world never stops turning!

Con’s of MicroChips

  • Loss of privacy – Private information known
  • Data Theft – Hacking your data and pretending to be you
  • Big Brother – Information used in the wrong way to deny access to banking or transportation etc
  • Mandatory Microchipping – Not very hard to see this happen
  • Mark of the Beast – Biblical mention


As stated above the mass adoption is far from here but with our younger highly technological kids this could change. They may have no problems trading privacy for technology to make their lives better. With IoT advances heading towards us like a runaway train, microchipping more humans may be just around the corner!

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