MicroBot/Nano-Systems Technology Ready for Mass Adoption?

microbot / nanobots

MicroBot Technology

Microbot – less than 1mm systems, have already been around us in cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices. In my lifetime things are only getting smaller, cheaper and more advanced!

Mircobot / Nanobot Technology

Research and development around the globe, is pushing these MEMS (micro-electro mechanical systems) to even smaller, faster and self-propelled heights.

One day soon nanobots, will be let loose in our bodies to repair organs, unblock arteries or even kill disease like cancer.

They are popping up in many industries to fix the big problems from communicable diseases to pollution.

The applications seem endless but limited for now with power supply and batter technology. However, current space satellite propulsion with ion engines could change how microbots move!

Growing MEMS Industries

Big Players Advancing Small Systems

Microbot Microsystems Future

As with any technology, when research advances and production prices fall and the implications will be massive. When these bots think and power on there own – the future applications will be endless.

What do you think on the future of nano-technology?