Life Imitates Art – Teleportation, and Star Trek

now future tech Life imitating art.
Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash

Life Imitates Art

I have enough years behind me to see more than a few real-life events unfold as someone’s imaginary vision first. One big event was the transformation of landlines to cell phones.

I remember watching star trek and seeing the crew use a communicator (flip phone) shown above. It seemed so amazing to walk around anywhere and talk to someone, without being connected to a chord.

Now my kids only have memories of cell phones, never have used anything less. Works well for my story about having to walk 10 miles to school, uphill and backward one way. 😉

Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life. Oscar Wilde

Is Teleportation Posible?

So back to Star Trek, Teleportation and is it possible? Well, it’s happened in various forms since 1993, but nothing like the Star Trek “beam me up Scotty” yet to be achieved.

Quantum Teleportation has gone from single photons to three-dimensional Qutrit complex, which is big for Quantum computing. Minutephysics has a video that explains better than I can what is possible now, just watch the video below.

Much Thanks to Minutephysics

Star Trek

So have you seen more “Life imitating Art” or “Art imitating Life?” One thing for sure those Star Trek episodes sparked curiosity with gadgets and science, that is still strong with me today – maybe stronger with age!

Thanks for reading this far and dream big – it might just come true!

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