Invisible Solar Cells, Killing Cancer & The Amazing Lunt Professor’s

Professor Richard Lunt MSU

So much new science & technology so little time! Trying to keeping up on all the research helping to change the world is nothing short of a full-time job. Oh, wait I already have a full-time job. 😉

I am not a Scientist or Professor, just someone that loves learning about new technology and thinking about the implications.

Invisible Solar Cells

Advancing solar technology is a must for providing cheaper energy and a cleaner environment. Solar panels come to mind to most of us and use mirror panels to produce heat that then generates electricity.

A Physicist, Chemical Engineer, and Professor at Michigan State, Richard Lunt does this through Photovoltaic Systems. Semiconductor materials that convert sunlight directly to electricity. Like magic, Richard developed a clear organic solar cell, well maybe science not “hocus pocus!”

So many applications with using organic materials to generate electricity, not to mention the clear application in windows, watches, tablets, what comes to mind for you? Could this also eliminate the need for batteries?

“Wow, the future looks great, I envy the younger generations opportunities.”

Killing Cancer

Each year 1.8 million U.S. Citizens get the very sad news they have cancer, and we lose over 600,000 friends, family members & loved ones. I have personally lost the same, so to me, we could never put too many resources towards a cure!

Luckily we have many doing transformative cancer research and Sophia Lunt Professor, Chemist, Biologist is helping push scientific breakthroughs to end cancer.

 Sophia received the Department of Defense Visionary Postdoctoral Fellowship allowing bright minds the funding to do their own research.

The research helps develop new treatment options for those with cancer, which can make big differences in patients’ lives.

Professor Sophia Lunt

The Amazing Lunt Professor’s

This SUPER DUO is married, work in different fields, but combined their expertise to develop a new way to detect cancer cells. They use light-activated fluorescent dyes used in Photovoltaic applications.

By controlling these nanoparticles, called theranostics, they had clearer less toxic imaging with successful tumor treatments.


It’s pretty amazing that the union of two Scientists, merged their knowledge to reach an uncommon possible advanced outcome! Or does this happen all the time, you let me know below.