Investor Confidence Could Be Lagging BlockChain Innovation

invester confidence

Investor Greed 2017

It’s no secret that investor greed and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) in the later half of 2017, drove Bitcoin and other altcoins to all-time highs. No one knows for sure, but its estimated that 35M + investors/risk takers fueled the Crypto Boom. Did you invest?

2018 Crypto Market Crash

This year has been hell-on-wheels for traders and HODLERS too. With the majority of the Crypto market seeing losses of up to 95% many have jumped ship. Those that were thinking about getting in the game, now just believe – maybe it was just a SCAM! What is your view?

Is FUD Driving Market Prices Down?

This past year seemed like a flood of FUD (Fear-Uncertainty-doubt) in the news. We heard about exit scams (coins & exchanges), 51% attacks, IRS, Hacking and SEC (Security Exchange Commission) Regulations on ETF (Exchange Traded Funds). Oh I forgot to mention mass coin de-listings with major exchanges! Geez Louise

Easy Access for the Masses Being Built Now

Even with investor sediment and prices at all time lows – money is still flowing into this new asset class at record pace. If this is the end of Bitcoin, what do they know we don’t?

Not only are exchanges like Coinbase, Binance & Gemini building institutional-grade custodial infrastructure, but so are traditional market players like Fidelity, Nasdaq & LSE (London Stock Exchange). 

Other big players like ICE (Intercontinental Exchange) are showing more than just interest with building easier on ramps for the masses to enter the market. When this happens a market of 35M worldwide investors could explode to 350M! Is the potential worth the risk?

 Huge Institutional Investment Increasing

While retail investors are panic selling their Bitcoin – Institutions are buying on OTC exchanges, which could explain why the price is still seeking lower lows. Meanwhile traditional VC (Venture Capital) investment has grown over 280% from 2017.

What’s Next for this New Digital Asset Class?

Wall Street missed the first Digital Asset run up and watched big players like Coinbase and Binance make Billions off fees. Do you think they will miss the next? In my opinion 2019 may see a slower but study growth without all the crazy FOMO of 2017, or the FUD in 2018 for that matter. Give us your take for 2019 and beyond!


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