Biometric Recognition Technology Seeking Mass Acceptance

Airbus, Future Technology & Competitive Advantage

Crypto Tribalism, Regulation, Innovation, and Adoption

Invisible Solar Cells, Killing Cancer & The Amazing Lunt Professor’s

Nikola Tesla, Death Ray, and Other Futuristic Inventions

Microchipping Humans – Pro’s and Con’s

GE, Artificial Intell (AI) and the Internet of Energy

Life Imitates Art – Teleportation, and Star Trek

Future of a Mutant Enhanced Humanity

Happy Holidays & Great 2020

Best wishes 2020 from my family!

Happy Holidays and prosperous 2020. Time to unwind and spend time with family. I will begin this Technology Journey in the new year.

I would love to have some of your future technology ideas to research, and write about – so leave some below.

Thanks for an awesome 2019!