Domain name registrations were FREE the first 10 years

domain names free

Domain names were free, way back in 1985, the early days of web technology. I remember well the television news, papers, radio, and friends saying the internet would never work.

Even 10 years later in 1995, people still did not understand how big the internet would become in our lives! Here is a past Newsweek article on why the web would fail.

Reminds me of another technology that is 10 years old and getting a lot of FUD, enough rambling and on to domain name history.

Who Invented the Domain Name?

Internet Hall of Fame Innovator Paul Mockapetris invented the (DNS) Domain Name System back in 1983. Thanks to Paul this linked names with IP addresses, making access easier for the masses. Imagine still having to remember a set of numbers!

Here are the first 10 domain names registered free, some worth millions today!

1March 15,
2April 24,
3May 24,
4July 11,
5September 30,
6November 7,
7January 9,
8January 17,
9March 3,
10March 5,

Domain Names No Longer Free

Network Solutions Inc. was the exclusive provider of domain-names registration in 1995. The company had a contract with the U.S. Commerce Department.

Network Solutions was acquired by Verisign for 21 Billion in 2000, with instant access to 12 million worldwide subscribers.

One Man Registered 14,962 Domains in 24 Hours

IN 2000 Mike Mann who could read the $$$ writing on the wall with domain names, registered close to 15,000 within 24 hrs. He got the nickname “the man who owns the internet” and sells premium domain names over at Domain Market.

Most expensive domains

How high can an domain go, who knows! Market value today and future potential has to be considered. ShoutMeLoud has a great list of the 20 most expensive Domain names ever sold.


Another opportunity missed by me not seeing whats was ahead. What are your thoughts on where the internet or future is heading?