Biometric Recognition Technology Seeking Mass Acceptance

eye recognition software

Every day we are seeing more biometric recognition technology being used around us. Understanding how we can use them for airport security, education, data control access, banking, time/attendance, law enforcement, is growing.

What is Iris Biometric Recognition Scanning?

Iris recognition, is all about identifying someone based on their unique patterns within the pupil region of the eye. Iris scanning or fingerprints are more secure than facial scanning says Samsung on their phones.

Who Invented Biometrics?

Distinguishing humans based on intrinsic physical or behavior traits goes back thousands of years. The term “biometric”  came from the Greek words “bio” (life) and “metrics” (measure). 

 Babylonian’s around 500 BC used fingerprints embedded on clay tablets for business transactions. Chinese used children’s palms and footprints to differentiate them in the Fourteenth century.

“Josh Ellenbogen and Nitzan Lebovic argued that Biometrics originated by Alphonse Bertillon (1853–1914) while documenting criminals. Abd used for “theory of fingerprints and physiognomy.” by Francis Galton’s  Wikipedia

 Common Biometric Identification Applications

The most common biometric features used for identification are facial, fingerprints, voice patterns and iris scan. They all have an high degree of accuracy which make them widely used.

Governments rely on different forms of biometrics  for time attendance and access to sensitive data.

Access to sensitive information using some form of biometrics is expanding to all industries.  Here is an article from Wired from 2016!

What are the Benefits of Biometrics?

Other  fields like advertising, entertainment, packaging and web design are using this technology, to better understand their customers and also target repeat shop lifters.

The automotive, medical and defense industries are applying eye biometrics technology to keep us all safer.

Research with special populations has generated exciting breakthroughs in psychology and physiology

Risk’s of Biometric Recognition technology

As security and identification technology is growing around us, privacy & security still seem top concerns. Can they be used without our consent and how safe is our information from hacking or bad actors.

Here is a good read fromthe SANS Institute. One thing for sure with everything going digital the field is not slowing down,

Final Thoughts on Biometrics

Just my personal opinion and not any financial advice, but I believe that 2019  and beyond could see big growth for Biometric stocks. What do you think about biometric recognition technology or your concerns with privacy/security?

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