DogeCoin can Shibas out meme them all with real use cases?


Programmers Billy Markus & Shibetoshi Nakamoto set out to create a fun joke cryptocurrency for the masses, and they succeeded with Dogecoin (DOHZH-koyn)! This coin has the likeness of Shiba Inu a spitz breed of dog from Japan.

Is the joke over?

Now the coin has a capitalization of $283,051,336 million(22Nov2018) 

 Has the coin outlived its fun and transformed into a  real peer to peer currency?

According to Crypto Recorder over 95% of all Dogecoin transactions are done away from exchanges. Which means individuals and merchants are trading this coin in real use cases for value – real currency!


This is surprising, considering the majority of the Altcoins are still traded for speculation.

Can this meme coin break its joke stereotype? 

The numbers show Shibas is doing what most other open-source peer to peer currencies only dream about!

Many around the world have already gotten off paper money and pay with digital apps, so the future is already here in some ways. If Dogecoin can keep the utility supporting the value the future is very bright.

This dog may have its day!

To learn more about this digital currency visit here.