Digital Currency: Stay Out – Get Out – Deep Discount?

Digital Currency: Stay Out – Get Out – Deep Discount?

For digital currency its been a long bear year in 2018. With over 3/4 losing over 90% in value. That’s more than enough to break many dreams and shake out the weaker coins. NOW WHAT?

Bitcoin Chat

The more people I discuss with about this new space, the same three conversations pop up. GOT OUT, STAYING OUT and DISCOUNT BUYING!

Some that bought digital currency later in 2018 at (all time highs) are probably out. Those that stood by and watched Bitcoin rise/fall, confirm to everyone else ” See Bitcoin was a SCAM. The rest believe this is the true time to buy bitcoin and other Altcoins .

Future for Digital Assets

I can not make future predictions, but history has shown the same patterns. New technologies stumble and fall before mainstream adoption. Every new invention from the printing press to self driving vehicles has had many set backs and skepticism before wider adoption.H

Digital Currency Who’s Playing Now

The later half of 2017 was all price hype and speculation bleeding into early 2018. Even with the humble digital asset plunge,  the blockchain Industry has seen many changes towards security and mass adoption down the road. This could be why we still see more major players getting into this so called sinking  ship! Do they know or see a future for Bitcoin and other blockchain technologies?

My Perspective with this Digital Technology

In my opinion this technology is still 5 years or more down the road. The frame work for mass adoption is still being built and evolving! If you had invested $100 with Uber in 2010, it would had been worth over 1 million in 2015. Oh boy what was I thinking in 2010?

One day we will just wake-up and the new disrupting technologies will be all around us. For example like the way we use credit cards and pay apps. (we may not care about the little details on how they work, they just do).

Your Call

Whats your view about digital currency -we would love to know! Leave a short or long comment telling us your perspective.