Edge Computing – IoT From Cloud to Edge


Edge computing

Edge computing or IoT simply allows the computation to take place largely on distributed smart devices called (nodes). Unlike now when most transactions are taking place in a centralized cloud location.

A foundation to streamline the flow of traffic from IoT devices and provide real-time local data analysis to the cloud. This will change how we work, play and even look at the future!

Fog Computing Gateway

Another term used is fog computing and will create a seamless and faster way for all the IoT devices to interact with a cloud service through a fog gateway. Fog computing is an extension of the cloud but closer to the end devices.

Here are some of the many endless use cases that will thrive having faster real-time computational power closer to the source. Just click the links and dive deeper into the rabbit hole of edge technology!

Aerial Drones
Autonomous Driving


Oil & Gas Imaging

Predictive Maintenance


 Smart Robotics

 Smart Homes & Buildings


Edge computing will provide speed, security, reliability, and versatility that once opened will never go back in the bottle. The future looks bright with the many ways this technology will enhance out everyday lives!

Conclusion Edge Technology

Data is said to be the new gold of the future and companies are making big bets on this new technology. Oct 7, 2014 – Was the first time there were more gadgets in the world than people.

All the enormous information coming from the billions of IoT devices needs to be harnessed and interpreted sometimes in real time. Data centers will be popping up everywhere to collect this information from sensors on our devices.

Will edge computing do this! Whats your opinion on the Internet of Things? Get the chat started and let us know how you see the future and IoT playing bigger roles in our life!