Disposable Paper Diagnostics Future Healthcare

Disposable Paper Diagnostics Future Healthcare


Disposable paper diagnostics is some fascinating technology evolving now to save lives and healthcare! When there is a pain point that needs solving, the healthcare research industry comes up with solutions. 

This solution can provide the World with a cheap, disposable method to quickly diagnose health diseases like Ebola, Zika, West Nile, swine flu and many of the other 80 fast spreading communicable diseases.null

Cheaper, Accurate and Convenient Paper Diagnostics

This breakthrough is very promising, and will change the healthcare point of care diagnostic time to minutes – not days waiting for lab results. This will help get ahead of any outbreak hopefully slowing down the spread of diseases and save more lives!

With our changing lifestyles – including smoking and obesity this could lead to eventual home care early testing for things like diabetes, liver disease and more.

Point of Care Diagnostics Products

Providing cheaper, faster and more convenient ways to perform fast accurate healthcare around the world has just got to be good! 😉

End User Market

The uses cases for cheap, accurate and fast analysis like this’ could be used in many applications. I believe one day paper diagnostics, will also evolve into quick affordable self home diagnosis solutions.

Would you buy a cheap product that could detect cancer? Here are some industries better tested now.


In my opinion this will change healthcare for the better and be a huge market opportunity for those willing to research deeper. What do you think?

This is one technology that needs sharing for future advancement in affordable world healthcare for all!

Now its your turn to give your views if any on the future technology evolving now!