Bitcoin Adoption at the speed of Regulation!

digital asset regulation
Photo by Andy Feliciotti on Unsplash

Bitcoin maximalists like Max Keiser and others may say there is no stopping BTC, and I agree to that long term. Still, the mass adoption speed of cryptocurrencies may depend on regulations and the acceptance from governments worldwide!

Vague IRS Clarity

The digital landscape is changing fast in this space and every year crypto investors struggle during tax season to keep IRS guideline compliant. I do not see this changing anytime soon, we are way too early in this space!

SEC Bitcoin Blessing – Not Yet

Jay Clayton SEC Chairman says he doesn’t see “Bitcoin traded on a major exchange until it is better regulated” How will they do that and when?

There are many digital assets, with more growing daily so cryptos are here to stay. Now with that thought, does say XRP who has been working with regulators and banks worldwide get adopted by governments first?

Digital Asset Mass Adoption

As for now, fiat money is the easiest path for most people and unless that changes adoption will be slow. Most of this new very young digital asset market is speculation!

Until we are forced by countries eliminating fiat or hyperinflation, market adoption will be slow but steady!


There are a few other things like building easier on-ramps for purchasing & storing digital assets but without regulatory certainty, this new asset class will stay short leased at least in the USA. What do you think?

Digital Assets Update: 08 Nov 2019

The world is burning, many countries are in unrest and fighting the elite controlling the masses! With unfair laws mostly around new taxes for the working class only, many are fighting back!

This will help quicken the use of digital assets, but even with exchanges like Coinbase adding up to 100,00 a day (11 million users), some say we are 10 years till mass adoption!

Gets more exciting per day – what do you think?