Artificial Intelligence-The Possibilities are mind Boggling

uture of artificial intelligence

Intelligent innovation is sneaking into every part of our life. Smartphone AI applications no longer make us think twice. Company’s like Google, Netflix, and Amazon seem to know what we already want- that’s Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning.


The ability of AI to gather enormous amount of data is pretty much amazing. Machine learning takes this mountain of data, and is making decisions, all without human intervention.

The power of harnessing large amounts of data by AI is tremendous. In the past we could never consume all the data being published weekly on any topic. Today super computers can read that information, learn and are making decisions in minutes!

Machine Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has an easy time doing things that you require thought for, and a hard time doing things you can do without thinking.

Now that was an “out of this world idea” not too long ago! Even personal assistants like Siri, Cortana and Google Now are forms of Artificial Intelligence, see how they stack up here!


What makes artificial intelligence so powerful to me are all the fields AI draws upon to gather data and make even smarter decisions.

Here are just a few: computer science, statistics, mathematics, philosophy,engineering, linguistics, analytics, and psychology.

Every year industries see more augmented intelligence changing how things get done. Even news stories are being written by AI bots — my days with this blog may be over sooner than I want! 


Watson the IBMsupercomputer, understands your tone, personality, and emotional state — empathy, so maybe I can plead with the king node to keep writing!


Smart machines connected to artificial intelligence applications are already do tasks like vacuuming, grocery delivery, and soon mail delivery.

Banking: And other services with insurance, lawyers, real estate will be replaceable with block chain smart contracts. A lot of legal will be automated!

Customer Service: These jobs are already being replaced with chat bots and other voice technology. Is this the year we see robot retail workers?

Transportation: All business’s that involve delivery — taxis, trucking, mail, food and more will be affected by autonomous vehicles.

Gaming: Visuals and interaction is becoming all to real, and may one day make it hard to distinguish the real world from fantasy.

Healthcare: AI can more accurately diagnose patients, fight world diseases and more efficiently handle large amounts of health data.

Warehouse and Assembly Work: Tesla’s model 3 factory is said to be 95% automated. I can see bots doing more of the heavy lifting in the future. 😉

Military: The Pentagon is shooting high with artificial intelligence and spending over 2 billion.


The year 2017 all the worlds connected devices, surpassed our population for the first time in history. That’s an enormous amount of data flying around!

I have heard big data is not possible without AI & AI is not possible without big data” — without artificial intelligence who would read the tsunami of daily knowledge!

The speed of technology around us is getting faster and evolving more every year. Machine learning , is speeding up AI too — so who knows for sure how what leaps humankind will take!

In my opinion, we will just wake up and smarter Intelligence will be all around us. Just ponder this for a moment — When cars drive themselves and talk to each other, will we still need stop lights?

Want to know what the greatest minds in Artificial Intelligence think AI will be in the next 20 years, then go over to the Huff and read an excellent article by Nick Hastreiter 

Thanks for taking the time to read and maybe ponder your place in this digital world!