4 Ways I Believe Technology is Remaking Our Future

tech remaking our future

Remaking our Future

New Technology seems to disrupt the old and alter what, how and when we do things. Adoption cycles seem to be shorter when looking back at the past, here are some changes I see not too far down the road!

#1 Personal Car Ownership Drop 75 %

Private automobile ownership will drop 75% by around 2030 in the United States alone. The number of vehicles on US roads is said to go from 250 million in 2020 to 44 million in 2025-2030.

Ride-Share Tech Disruption

Using autonomous ride-shares (electrical) is estimated to be 3 to 12 times cheaper per mile over buying a brand new automobile. Thus saving a family upwards of $5,600 a year, compared to buying and maintaining a vehicle).

Fwd Thinking:

Looking fwd ride-share will compete with bus services in the crowded cities where space is limited and expensive to own a personal vehicle. People outside the ride-share reach and the affluent will still opt for personal rides! What do you think about the future car ownership and rideshare disruption?

#2 Electric Vehicles Will Transform Gas Stations

Gas stations (service stations) of the past had mechanics and basic car parts like wipers, system fluids plus pumped your gas. Now we get our own gas and supplies like soda and chips, not many car parts around. But hey that’s where auto part stores filled the gap!

Gas Station Change

As fossil fuels die off and electric vehicles get more popular alternatives, what will happen to the good old gas station? With 120,000 plus gas stations in the US and 715,000 electric counterparts on the road 2018, another transformation has begun. The remaking of our future looks exciting to me.

Short Term:

In the short term, I can see a mix of gas pumps and charging stations. But what happens when we have crossed over to all-electric vehicles, will we still need the service stations?

To me, that depends on technology advances in charging cells. When the transformation happens we may never need to stop for charging, but may opt for a soda instead! How do you think the remaking with future gas stations will look like or be?

#3 Are Movie Theaters Transforming or Closing?

Here I go again showing my age, but growing up a drive-in theater was a treat. We would all be sitting in the family car looking at a big screen, with scratchy sounding speakers hanging from the door.

The walk-in movies houses of today are so much better in terms of the overall experience! But is Cinema losing out to home streaming from Netflix and Amazon?

Home Convenience or Movie House Experience

With my family, my wife and I love the ease of streaming at home, but my kids like that movie theater atmosphere. With better quality sound and picture, plus those comfy lazy boy recliners – I’m not ready to give up the Cinema anytime soon.

Theaters Upping the Game

AMC could see the disruption from home video streaming and has added options like restaurants, bars and seat side serving of food. No more just the traditional treats like popcorn, candy, and soda. 😉

What’s next?

Movie theaters will change, adapt and offer different experiences and the ones that do not will close, already see that happening. I hope they will be around and keep evolving and maybe bring back that old drive-up experience in a modern way!

#4 Malls and Traditional Retailers like Sears

We have all seen the death of malls in the last decade and waiting to see how the rest will transform the retail experience. Our local mall just had Sears shut down and they have promised a new shopping and eating experience soon.

Online Shopping

Amazons Fault

Everyone put the blame on Amazon and they have taken the online shopping to new heights, but future thinking they got right! It’s just another example of convenience altering our habits on a mass scale remaking our future again.

More Reasons to Visit

The traditional mall as we know it will change, but the owners will revamp these gold mines. They will have to bring other reasons for us to visit the mall, like banks, gyms, movie theaters, entertainment, and dining, etc.

My take:

In the future, I believe shopping will be just a bonus and not the main reason because it’s just too easy to shop online. What do you think malls will look like in 5 years?

WOW, you made it this far with my rambling, thanks and feed your tech mind!